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aussie_gal's Answers

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May 25, 2021

Are there any supplements for weight gain?

My dad had major stroke back in jan and had crainotomy, since then he is semi-conscious, feeding is done through NG tube.

He has lost lots of weight, only skin and bone left.


May 25, 2021

Anyone had any success taking turmeric? Does it really help?

I am not in to natural/herbal supplements period. However, I am experiencing inflammation not only in my joints, but also in my brain possibly. I have just started taking turmeric. I just realized that it probably doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier so it was a useless purchase. I'm always sceptical of these products because I once had a doctor insist that I take glucosamine sulfate, so I took it for a couple of weeks and had explosive diahrrea for a further two weeks after I stopped taking it. After that experience I have not touched anything herbal.