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Anyone had any success taking turmeric? Does it really help?

I am not in to natural/herbal supplements period. However, I am experiencing inflammation not only in my joints, but also in my brain possibly. I have just started taking turmeric. I just realized that it probably doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier so it was a useless purchase. I'm always sceptical of these products because I once had a doctor insist that I take glucosamine sulfate, so I took it for a couple of weeks and had explosive diahrrea for a further two weeks after I stopped taking it. After that experience I have not touched anything herbal.

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I took turmeric with coconut oil and black pepper. It was awesome. And I'm about to start it up again. Check your prescriptions, it does have interactions you'll want to be aware of.

I’m not big on the “natural” supplements but I do know how I myself have to stay away from dairy products to prevent inflammation in my body! Yes I’ve taken Turmeric before when the pain was unbearable BUT I did have prescribed opioids in my system.