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Can occupational therapy help with someone who has vision issues?

I sustained a severe TBI over 20 years ago. I have just recently started to advocate for myself on different doctors and in helping things that I’ve been struggling with for 20 years. Because as you may know 20 years ago they didn’t have the support available to TBI patients like they do now. I have been to a vision therapist who says he could help me and I was feeling like he could with the exercises and the things he was doing with me on a weekly basis. However he does not take insurance at all, and he is very very expensive. So I have to look into different avenues. Someone had suggested occupational therapy.

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I was told by my neurooptalmologist that OT and PT can't help until you reach a certain point with vision therapy. I found this to be very true bc my Workmans comp wanted me to start with OT/PT first and it actually made it worse

Call your insurance and ask them if there is a neuroptalmologist in your network. Or you can do what I did and fight them. I had to submit my whole medical file and provide evidence why this doctor is so different from any other eye doctor.

It took some time but I won. Good luck!


I went to one vision therapy appointment years ago and along w my prism lens I was given exercises to do at home. Physio can be an option too as I know where I go they do eye therapy on concussion patients.