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Apr 19

After you got your Brain Injury has anyone found out that you do not have appetite?

Like to the point you don’t eat most of the time?

I my case... My TBI shut off my ability to eat. So I had a feeding tube for almost 7mos. And I lost a massive amount of weight. I’m small to begin with. But I went for 125 to maybe 65 lbs. It’s not healthy. So here I am 7 years post Tbi.... I gain all the weight back and just in the last 6 months I started losing it again. I’m down to 107 lbs and I have NO desire to eat. I have to force myself to eat.

Any suggestion on what could boost up my appetite and help me gain weight. I do not like looking this skinny.

Thank u, everyone for your comments.


Apr 25

Why is my husband's personal hygiene is so bad?

Weeks go by without taking a shower. He will dress in the same dirty bad smelling clothes . Talking with him doesn't help. Nothing wrong with his smell. He wasn't like that pre injury.