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When somebody asks you if you're working, what do you say?

I've recently been struggling with the answer to that question I've been out of work now for almost a year and have not been able to work whatsoever. I feel that people are judging me because I'm not working but I don't want to come out and tell them "I'm disabled" because I am more then that title. Am I supposed to say "I'm not working right now". Help me out thanks.

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I just say "I'm retired" They can take it or leave it.

I've never had a job since I had my tbi since I was 15. 20 years ago on the 7th. I use to be able to say that I was in school but can't since I graduated. I thought I would be able to get a job once I got a degree but nope! I just say I have a brain injury to me it's better than letting people think I just don't want to work. My tbi caused physical problems as well as mental so I feel that people can see that I'm "disabled".

I've had the same issue ...specially over the past few weeks. (I've been off only 5months though..that's when my car accident was). I just tell people flat out...I have a brain injury... They either want to know more... If not then it's not my problem.