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May 11, 2021

I am looking for a part time job. What's your advice?

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May 10, 2021

How do toy guys spin your story during an interview into a remotely positive thing?

When I first decided to go back to work.

Once I told people my story I couldn’t even get an interview

Then I managed to get a job in a hospital,

Coincidentally the hospital I was in for 50 days

I thought that would be great but little did I know

Hospital jobs unless your a physician or RN suuuuck

The pay is awful and the shifts are torture

They are so bad they attract the worst applicants

So here I Am considering jumping back into the job market again?

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Apr 30, 2021

Once you’re back at work and stuff.. even if you struggle with the long term effects of TBI, are we considered disabled or are we back to normal?

I mean, I can do everything so I think I’m normal.. but the side effects long term make life and day to day work tough. But not disabled right? Someone asked me today and I said no.

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Apr 19, 2021

Question for caregivers: does your loved one suffer from depression post injury?

My daughter can’t seem to be happy at all. She’s struggling with working, sleeping, and feeling like she has no friends. She seems to be sad more days than not. I want to help! She lives 3.5 hours away from me, but calls me daily telling me how bad her life is. I have tried to get her to move home so that I can help her manage her finances and help her to get back on her feet, but she is not willing to do that. How do I help? Is this a permanent side effect of the brain injury? Is she a victim of circumstance? She didn’t qualify for disability, and she struggles with her jobs. I’m at a total loss on how to help her. I have suggested finding a counselor (therapist) to talk to, but she doesn’t seem interested in that. I just want to help her. If anyone has any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!

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Apr 19, 2021

When somebody asks you if you're working, what do you say?

I've recently been struggling with the answer to that question I've been out of work now for almost a year and have not been able to work whatsoever. I feel that people are judging me because I'm not working but I don't want to come out and tell them "I'm disabled" because I am more then that title. Am I supposed to say "I'm not working right now". Help me out thanks.

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