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Jul 15

Is there a risk for aneurysms due to physical stress?

Jul 15

I noticed that my partner’s left foot is turned in, do you have any advice on what this may be and what I should ask the physical therapist?

My partner suffered a hypoxic brain injury. He is currently still in hospital at the moment and sees a physiotherapist each day for a short period.

Jul 15

What is your opinion on splinting to help with foot-drop and for a hand with hemiplegia that has a lot of tone?

My partner’s therapists won’t splint because they say the tone and movement in his hand could cause joint damage or pressure sores if splinted. He can only move one foot and this foot is now dropping and is also slightly on its side. He’s had Botox but they won't splint. He was in the hospital recently and they are annoyed that the therapists at his rehab center won’t splint as they’ve seen his hand and foot have gotten worse since joining rehab 6 months ago. What is your stance on splinting?

Jul 15

When do physical therapists try standing with brain injury patients? Only when they are fully talking or mobile?

What are the criteria for the next level of care getting so patients don't lose muscle strength? Especially since some brain injury patients can't move their bodies fully.

Jul 15

Why am I losing the abilities that I relearned?

Jul 15

What is the best way to help heal the occipital lobes?

I lost part of my vision two months ago and they said it’s permanent.

Jul 15

What does it mean when symptoms are brought on by any kind of impact or vibration?

Just to be clear, this is not while exercising, as I can ride a stationary bike and do deadlifts.  But if I hit a bag, head a soccer ball, try to run, walk above a certain speed, or even sit in a car (because of vibration from the engine), I get mental fatigue, an inability to concentrate which gets worse the more I try, and pulsing veins in my head.  What is going on if the slightest impact or vibration can bring on these symptoms which last days or even longer?