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Jul 15

How can I learn and use meditation to help my brain to function and recover?

I am hearing impaired, legally blind, and suffered a mild/moderate TBI 3 years ago 3/21/18. I do use art and poetry as therapeutic hobbies. 

Jul 15

Is there a way I can help to enrich a survivor’s vocabulary in a fun way?

My friend had a bad accident a couple of years ago. I talk to her a few times a week, but she doesn't remember many words.

Jul 15

Is recreational therapy paid for by insurance? Are there free programs?

Jul 15

What is a good way to engage someone after severe TBI especially during Covid with less access to regular therapies?

I care for my mother who suffered a severe TBI in 2018 and is trying to take a rehabilitative approach to her care but she does have a very short attention span.

Jul 15

Where would I go to find recreational therapy programs?

Where do recreational therapists work? It would be great to hear about online or remote resources as well.

Jul 15

Are there outpatient recreational therapy programs?