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Jul 7

What is nystagmus?

Jul 7

Is there anything I can do to improve my peripheral vision?

I'm missing my peripheral vision in my right eye after my TBI five years ago.

Jul 7

Will my brain be able to fuse the two images together?

I had corrective surgery to straighten strabismus in my left eye after my TBI. The surgery was 15 years ago but now I see two separate images, and it worsens when I'm stressed or really concentrating.

Jul 7

What do you recommend as the next path of treatment for vision deficits from acquired brain injury?

I suffered an acute attack of Wernicke's Encephalopathy–which is a type of brain injury–in February 2015 and was admitted following a seizure. As a result, I lost peripheral vision bilaterally, as well as 40% of my field of vision. After an evaluation by a neuro-ophthalmologist, it was determined that my brain is no longer processing the information that my eyes are sending.  I also developed horizontal nystagmus, which gets worse in low light. I have tried vision therapy and colored light therapy without any improvement.

Jul 7

What can I do to improve or correct convergence insufficiency?

I was in a motor vehicle accident 17 years ago and have convergence insufficiency from the injury. I am unable to read or do work on a computer for extended periods. Some days I can read for 30 min, other days not even 5 minutes. Even grocery shopping is affected by looking for products or reading labels.

Jul 7

Is there anything that can be done for my double vision?

I sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2003 which left me with serious double vision. I had an operation in 2013 which got rid of the majority of my horizontal double vision, but I'm still left with a vertical double vision. After some tests I was told that all they can do is fit a blank contact lens.

Jul 7

Can vision therapy help to address depth perception issues that I've had since my accident?

I noticed depth issues when playing tennis.


Sep 7

Cortical/cerebral vision loss. What can be done?

My son has a cortical vision impairment. I understand there is no therapy for this and it's all about using other senses to compansate and there is no rehabilitation. Is this accurate?