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May 31, 2021

Does the confusion get better with time or might this be the permanent damage?

Hi! My husband, 42, had a hemorrhagic stroke. He was on a ventilator, feeding tube, etc. He had a permanent shunt inserted into his brain which I guess would stay in there forever??

He is doing well now; still in a care facility. It seems as if he can do everything on his own physically. Cognitively we will probably only be able to determine later on?

I am anxious about when he comes home; I have a daughter of 9 and a baby of 17 months... I am worried that it might traumatize them even further.


May 31, 2021

If my arm continues to heal does that mean my walking and balance should improve also?

So my arm continues to improve but my walking and balance seems to be lagging behind and healing much much slower.