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Apr 12, 2021

Do your likes and dislikes change over time?

Hello awesome peeps. Question regarding my son who is non verbal.. I trying to figure out why he no longer likes the water and ge has always been a water baby. Do your likes and dislikes change over time? Also he now gets really skittish and scared, acting out aggressively when we change him any where. It could be his bed, the floor, on a higher surface. It is as if he has lost balance or a sense his self in space. I really dont know

I am so dumbfounded and would love some insight. He is very happy 99% of the time but when he's upset that 1% is vicious.

I appreciate all feedback. I love this group and many of your posts are insightful. Us without TBI don't always understand the struggle.

Thanks in advance from me and my little man Alex.

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