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Jun 22, 2021

WHAT should someone say to a TBI Survivor?? (I'm the mother of a TBI Survivor). Thank you!

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May 7, 2021

Anger issues, what do you do to avoid them?

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Apr 25, 2021

Do you have a difficult time feeling emotions the same way you used to?

I suffered an ABI from hypoxia and sepsis in 2016. Since then my marriage has been crumbling. I’m not sure if it’s the depression & PTSD, medication, or something actually physically wrong with my brain, but I do not feel love, empathy or joy the same way anymore. I feel like I have the range of emotions of a zombie

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Apr 12, 2021

Has anyone else experienced the terrible swearing?

After my injury, I started swearing profusely. It was like I had Tourette Syndrome, it was so crazy! Also, my injury has been misdiagnosed, so the disability insurance ordered an IME from a neuropsychiatrist to make a determination. After talking to me for 20 minutes, the neuropsychiatrist determined that I was faking my injury. He stated I was "malingering". Since I couldn't help myself, I swore like a truck driver throughout the short interview. His report stated that I was intelligent enough to have researched brain injury and I got this symptom wrong though. His report states that if I did truly experience this my brain injury would be considered "severe" instead of mild. I am not faking my brain injury - it's been nothing short of hell and I've lost everything I own. Who the hell wants to fake this?? So, my question is has anyone else experienced the terrible swearing? And, I've just had so many invisible symptoms and this is one that I haven't paid much attention to because it's so insignificant compared to other symptoms. Is there a name for this? And, what part of my brain was injured to make me swear?

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Apr 12, 2021

Do your likes and dislikes change over time?

Hello awesome peeps. Question regarding my son who is non verbal.. I trying to figure out why he no longer likes the water and ge has always been a water baby. Do your likes and dislikes change over time? Also he now gets really skittish and scared, acting out aggressively when we change him any where. It could be his bed, the floor, on a higher surface. It is as if he has lost balance or a sense his self in space. I really dont know

I am so dumbfounded and would love some insight. He is very happy 99% of the time but when he's upset that 1% is vicious.

I appreciate all feedback. I love this group and many of your posts are insightful. Us without TBI don't always understand the struggle.

Thanks in advance from me and my little man Alex.

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