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Oct 26, 2021

Excessive sleepiness

My tbi occurred during a rear end collision 10 years ago. The  back of my brain and right side were injured. I am legally blind because of it. I have excessive sleepiness all the time-diagnosed as Hypersomnia a year ago. I also found out I was misdiagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder at the time of the accident until anout a year ago. The correct primary diagnosis is Psuedobulbar affect with a comorbity of depression. I have been taking cymbalta, abilify, trintellix for those 10 years. Nothing helps. I take modafinil for the Hypersomnia. It barely helps.  I take Neudexta for PBA. It helps.  I would like to hold down a job again someday. And build a life again but cannot stay awake physically or mentally very long. I shut down completely or I cry profusely  if I'm not taking meds As drs have attempted to wean me off throughout the years. Any advice for leveraging  neuroplasticity again?  Keeping awake, how to keep awake and what's causing the sleep to be in overdrive?  What recommendations for "wake up" therapies, physicians that specialize and cognitive therapies to get my brain back. Have an MBA from pre-accident that I cannot use bc of my recall and shut down. please help.

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Oct 6, 2021

How to help with return of speech

My 20y/o son is 22 months out from date of injury and is still nonverbal. His vocal cords have been scoped and show no sign of injury. He can communicate with his hands. How can I help him to regain speech???

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Jun 14, 2021

Have any of you experienced issues with your throat or voice and for a long time?

I am about 9 months into this journey. I was in speech therapy and switched drs. And they don't even want to start speech until I see an eye, ear, and throat specialist. I still get issues when drinking water and eatings things like watermelon, fruit..etc. my voice is deeper sounding and breathy. Will something need to be fixed surgically? Have any of you gone through this? Thank you in advance!

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