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Can you talk about serial casting and just casting in general?

It sounds pretty interesting, is that something that basically just holds your arm kind of in place at night so that it's not tensing up and continuing to to reduce that range of motion? 

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Occupational Therapist

Exactly. A lot of times at my facility we use focus agility rigidity cast, so depending on what range of motion that they're at, you would put them a little bit less than that and then you would cast them at that level and then kind of just have them get used to wearing itfor a week a couple weeks and then see if you get more range of motion. Then, you might do another cast for them. It depends on what you want to do. Focus rigidity casting is beneficial. It's nice to have it at night time- it helps with giving a stretch and in positioning of the arm, but you'd have to make more frequent cast which is kind of annoying whereas serial casting you would leave it on for one week and then take it off and then you make another one and sometimes that results are a little bit better because you're in it for a longer time period. However, it's kind of hard sometimes since you have to bag it up when you have to walk, shower, and everything else. So there's some pros and cons for both.