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Where would I go to find recreational therapy programs?

Where do recreational therapists work? It would be great to hear about online or remote resources as well.

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Answer transcribed from Brightway's interview with recreational therapist Allison Huck:


Recreational therapy programs are sometimes difficult to come by in the community. I always recommend people to look into their local recreation centers, so what your city offers. They typically employ a recreational therapist. Definitely look into the nearest big rehabilitation hospital, they usually have plugs into the community. Also, check out your local brain injury association chapter. Those are three good starting points to finding things in the community. Rec therapists work in a lot of different settings, such as hospitals, schools, and in the community. There are also a lot of online programs offered now especially, which is something new and I think one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that there are a lot of online resources. People in rural areas that don't necessarily always have access to services now do. 


For instance, I teach an adapted yoga class and it's on Wednesdays. I've certainly had people participate in my class that are not from the DC metro area, which is great. I'm happy to have them and I hope that continues to be a thing. I definitely recommend people check out, as far as online resources go, Movie United. I think their website is and they have a really robust program called “adapt at home”. They offer a lot of different adaptive fitness classes every day of the week, sometimes streamed live and some are recorded. There's a lot to check out there. People can also always go for Google search to check out things like adaptive fitness, adaptive sports, and recreation therapy near me. There's certainly a lot available and specifically for brain injury. Love Your Brain is another great program that's offering virtual options right now, and they can check that out at