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Any good brain injury movies to watch?

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Regarding Henry is a good one

also Brain on Fire


50 First Dates! also Concussion with Will Smith is a good movie

Clinical Specialist

Answer transcribed from the Brightway Answers interview with clinical specialist Marlene Rivera:

There are so many brain injury movies out there.  There are some mainstream ones like Concussion with Will Smith, and there are some documentaries out there - so it really depends on what type of brain injury movie you're looking for.

When you think of some of the more mainstream ones they're built for entertainment purposes, and so the accuracy of the information in there you want to take with a grain of salt. But when you see any of these movies, whether it’s a documentary or a mainstream movie, you want to remember that every injury is different and the treatment of each injury, as well as each person’s progress and recovery period is therefore also different.  You can put a search in your internet browser for movies about brain injury and a ton of things will come up.

One of the movies that came to my mind when I saw this question was Crash Reel. In this movie, snowboarder Kevin Pearce suffered a traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 Winter Olympics. He shares his traumatic brain injury journey, so you get to see how he struggled through rehab and some of the barriers he faced while trying to return to snowboarding after his injury. As you can imagine, and many brain injury survivors can probably relate, his family wasn't really a big fan of the idea that he would go back to the thing that caused his brain injury. So the movie shares that experience with its viewers.

What I like about how Kevin shared this story was he didn't just stop there with that movie. He channelled his experience and influence through the Love Your Brain Foundation, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals who've been affected by a traumatic brain injury. They do that by providing programs that build community and foster resilience. They do yoga classes for brain injury survivors and I think it's a great thing they even help to certify instructors so that they know how to conduct a yoga session for individuals who may have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

They're a great resource for the brain injury community - I highly recommend them. Watch Kevin's movie and then check out his non-profit organization.