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How do I improve my memory, problem-solving, etc.?

It seems like I can't remember or retain information, especially when trying to remember, problem solve, train people, run a business, etc.

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One of the only known ways to improve memory capacity in the large picture is by doing daily meditation. It's been scientifically proven that meditation increases brain health, both for memory capacity and for problem solving. For more immediate memory results, simply repeat to yourself in your head (or by saying it out loud if there's no one around) the thing you want to remember. And for somewhat intermediate-term memory, simply write down all your thoughts on other, unrelated topics so you can clear your mind and focus only on remembering the things that are most immediately needed.


Dec 7, 2021

I read a lot. It uses my memory muscles and helps improvement. 

speech language pathologist

We need to view the brain as a muscle, and unfortunately short-term memory is often the thing that goes first.  With brain trauma, long-term memory is usually preserved and short-term memory is the one that's affected most.

I recommend external aids like calendars and writing things down.  I would use color associations - let's say writing something in one color and another task in a different color.  This allows you to use the artsy ability of the right visual hemisphere and we're applying it to memory.  

I would also use verbal reminders.  For example, you could tell Alexa to remind you about a certain thing. And I know it seems vague and open, but try to be aware and take down notes to help yourself memorize a little bit better.

There are a lot of apps that you can try.  There's something called Tactus Therapy, which is a wonderful app that lets you work on a number of different disorders.  You could try Lumosity, which is a cognitive type app.  You can also check out Brain HQ and Constant Therapy.