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Are there outpatient recreational therapy programs?

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Answer transcribed from Brightway's interview with recreational therapist Allison Huck:


Outpatient recreation therapy is not necessarily a thing, but there are community programs. With recreation therapy, it's not necessarily like physical occupational and speech therapy where you would see inpatient and then you move to outpatient. You would see a recreation therapist inpatient, and then branch out to community programs. There are a lot of recreation therapists that work at recreation centers and they're also school-based recreation therapists. So there are a lot of different settings that rec therapists can work in, but there's not typically a smooth transition from inpatient to community-based. At NRH, or the national rehab hospital, we did just hire a rec therapist to bridge that gap. That's something we're working on at our hospital, but that's not necessarily the norm everywhere. That's why as an inpatient therapist, it's really important for me to make sure that my patients and families go home with all the resources. I try to think of it as if they'll never meet a rec therapist again in their life and what can I possibly give them to arm them for the future.