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My son has a hypoxic injury and is currently in rehab and i'm allowed only 30 minutes of visiting time at the moment.

When restrictions lift, is it a good idea to do some occupational therapy with him when visiting or is it best to leave it to the professionals? And if it's a good idea, can you tell me what would help? 

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Occupational Therapist

I think you need to follow up with your team, so talk to your occupational therapist, talk with the team to see if it's appropriate because sometimes, especially in the beginning of rehab and especially after having a brain injury, you kind of want to limit distractions as it can be over stimulating to the person. Also, having a visitor there all day can be really fatiguing so I think just talking to the therapist and seeing if it's appropriate for you to come in. I think it's a good idea to have you there if they think that's fine. We want you to be involved as possible and sometimes therapists want you to be involved early on so you can have an idea of what to expect when you go home. We want to do a lot of family training so you know what to expect when you go home and how much assistance your son needs for activities with cognition, if they need cues, or with their self-care. Do they need assistance with pants management, mobility, a device to walk? I think it's just really important just to talk to the team, talk with case management, talk to the therapist, and kind of see if it's appropriate for you to be there.