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Did anyone here get stuck in the same questions every day continuously for months at a time?

For instance my daughter has been asking how old she is, what grade is she in, where do we live, when’s her birthday and a few more? She can answer these questions correctly herself if I ask her to tell me when her bday is and so on but she keeps asking from the time she wakes up and until she goes to bed! She can engage in conversations but it is very child like at this time. Is there a possibility it could change?

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Yes, her brain is rewiring! It's exactly like the repetition of toddlers, because she's learning it all over again just as toddlers are learning. I'd keep answering and try to also get her onto new things to be interested in.

It gets better, but you have to work at relearning and retraining your brain. It doesn't reorganize on its own. Start with simple goals. Lot of AdHD online courses out there will help with executive function.

I tried to gain my drawing skills back as my vision perception was distorted and lost partial vision. I felt if I could control my drawing skills I could do anything, try to encourage her in doing mundane but skillful tasks to get her memory and brain to re-engage, I recommend drawing, crocheting, singing, dancing, cooking, playing board games or puzzles, try to engage her brain, showing her that you are frustrated does not help you or her. Do these things together with her, make it fun laugh together. I had My TBI at the age of 17, my only cognitive problems I have is I am not able to understand or feel in application forms, I have visual and heightened sensory problems, I get overwhelmed easily. And I have difficulty controlling my emotions, so having someone understanding and being patient is a must for me. I hope this will help you and her.