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Has anyone here gone to physical therapy for a driving evaluation before?

Doctor said it would be in a simulator and be 1-2 hours. The doctors haven’t released me to drive yet and I’m fine with that. Haven’t drive since Dec 17, 2020. However I’m wondering if they have the power to take your drivers license?? Also wondering if you can wreck in the simulator so I can prepare and also warn them of it being a major trigger.

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They do have the authority. I had to go through multiple testing, vision, reaction time plus take a written and driving test with an occupational therapist. My license was suspended and then reinstated with no restrictions, after I passed all the testing. Plus I had to pay out our pocket for it all.


Who said you need his approval? I just put my husband in the car (they said he wouldn't drive anymore) and let him practice till I was comfortable with him driving and we renewed his license and off he went . He drives better than I do even with his bad vision. I didn't wait for anyone's approval, if your comfortable and can pass a drivers test go for it.