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Are there any neuro-physical therapists in or around Deland, Florida?

We could travel to Daytona, we prefer not to travel all the way to Orlando but we would if that's the only option.

His balance gives us the most concern. If there is a neuro physical therapist or vestibular therapist close by that can help him with his balance that would be awesome.

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You may want to look at Brooks Rehabilitation - they have locations in Deltona, Daytona Beach, and others: - and they provide Balance and Vestibular therapy.

You may also want to look at - that's in Orlando, but it may be worth considering tele-health (online) appointments so that you don't need to travel to therapy - it would also expand the number of therapists/doctors you have access to. Most providers offer this now because of the pandemic and it saves the trips to appointments which can be a big help.