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What can I do to make my son want to engage in memory training?

He really struggles with motivation and even getting it started. Then when he gets frustrated he says I'm done and pushes the activity away. Suggestions welcomed. Also what did or do you use to help with memory? I have flash cards, puzzles ,pictures. I would like to know what you all think.

Thank you in advance.

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Make it something he is interested in that is part of his daily routine. My son loves to watch YouTube videos so I ask him about it later to see what he can remember also we look at the calendar together every morning and I ask him to remember what day it is and ask him later and to tell me one or two things he or we did that day. Try to make it less work and more just a part of his day to see if that helps. If not maybe take a break from it for a bit and come back to in in a week or so. It can be very frustrating when trying to help someone you love but don’t lose hope.

I don't know if you are going to cognitive therapy but it is amazing some of the things they do now. Music like instruments, sports, puzzles, video games. Find a really great cognitive therapy place. I too would suggest the BIAA in your state.