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Who was told that they will never be able to walk again but learned how to anyway?

I wasn’t told that, but I been in therapy since I woke up 2018 and it’s just taking it’s precious time

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Was told i would never be able to walk again, i was a big sports person. I laughed at the doctors and said watch me.. had my car wreck in 2000, started walking again in 2003. Sense then joined the Army, am a nurse, and went to college on a basketball schloarship. Dnt give up, when they say u cant just say try me.. also dnt push urself to hard only u know when u are ready....its been 21 years for me and i still have balance problems,and yes i still fall. But I get back up never quit trying


Hi it took me 6 years in a deep warm water pool. Lots of physical therapy.