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Why am I so against change, and does that ever go away?

I suffered a TBI to my frontal lobe four years ago. The anxiety of change is so hard for me to deal with.

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Physical Therapist

Answer transcribed from Brightway's interview with physical therapist Susan Little:

As human beings, I think we all struggle with change this year with Covid, right? What a challenge it has been. We know after brain injury, everything has changed. So when you say “I struggle with change”, I think it should be change overload. You've had so many changes with your brain injury, whether it's your work or family situation, or what your body is feeling. Be kind and patient with yourself and know that you are on change overload. Maybe it's the change in the bus schedule that is the final straw. It is a challenge for anybody, but when anybody has had as many challenges as survivors of brain injury, it's understandable. I think the big thing is to seek help. Don't be shy and think “oh I should deal with this myself”. I have people say that all the time, but no you don't need to deal with it by yourself and I think you need the support of others. 


Support groups are wonderful because it's not generally part of the health care system, it is survivors of brain injury who can put their heads together. Sometimes it's just being able to say “yeah I struggle with that too” and “it's okay this is what I do”. Also to talk with a psychologist, who is somebody that is a professional in dealing with that anxiety and your struggles with those frontal lobe symptoms, which we'll often refer to as executive functions. They can again provide you with things to work on to improve that or in ways to deal with that. Certainly, there are medications that can help with anxiety if it is becoming overwhelming. So again, be kind to yourself, be patient, and find that support system that can help you through this time. It's not easy and having that support is really essential.