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Is there anything I can do to improve my peripheral vision?

I'm missing my peripheral vision in my right eye after my TBI five years ago.

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Medical Professional

Answer transcribed from Brightway's Interview with Dr. Bryce Appelbaum

It would kind of depend on the injury but if it's a matter of blood flow being lost, we in some cases can tap into certain areas using alternate pathways. If there's damage to the actual tissue of the brain, it's a lot harder for something like vision therapy to kind of regenerate it. However, I do think for most people who have some type of central peripheral integration problem, a lot can be done in terms of reading, making the right eye movements, or driving if you meet the requirements for what your particular state says in terms of how many degrees of the periphery is needed. Oftentimes, it's kind of recalibrating the system to learn how to take in that area of space or in some cases, to even learn how to compensate so that you don't need to. I would also say prism would be the first option for one to explore in-depth because I would be shocked if that did not help for that individual.