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Has anyone received a mental health diagnosis after BI? Is this common?

I’ve had my brain injury for three years now. I have healed so much, but have battled depression and anxiety. Recently, my psychiatrist prescribed me Abilify. She said it will help the Paxil work. She also said I have Bipolar 2 symptoms.

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Yes, and it is very common to be diagnosed with these issues after your injury (with no prior diagnosis before head injury) such as dyslexia, bi-polar, ADHD, etc. AS A DIRECT RESULT of the brain injury.


Yes, first depression, then many years l later anxiety. Turns out the anxiety meds work far better than the anti-depressants ever did. Anxiety attacks seem to come out of nowhere. I don't always recognize what caused an attack. Too much news, coffee, too many distractions or different sounds all at once. There are so many things that seem to silently trigger anxiety. I used to be a very easy going person and let things go like water running off a ducks back. It seems to be my habit to internalize everything and let it all explode within me. I also have PTSD from childhood experiences, including a childhood marriage and emotional abuse. I can't change the past, nor ignore it. I can however learn how to live with the triggers that jolt me back in time to forgotten memories that seem to want to rule my life.