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Any tips on supplements to take to get my long term memory back?

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Taurine, tyrosine, and try to eat as healthy as you can.


Preface: if you're injury still really new, making sure you're getting enough rest and eating well is important. Then the advice below:

Honestly, there's no silver bullet. You gotta work your brain. I recommend signing up for class somewhere if possible. If there's a way out, it is through working your brain, presenting it with unfamiliar challenges that encourage growth and neuroplasticity.

A healthy diet and exercise are good for the brain too.

Learning memory compensatory strategies will help too. Really, it'll help your memory too once you've been doing them long enough... organizing the information you learn in ways that circumvent memory challenges by second nature. Once you've streamlined them it gets easier I think. My memory got a lot better but I still have things I just simply won't remember. I know what they are now and compensate ahead of time (almost 20 years since injury, which feels crazy to say out loud)