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Do you find your brain works better when you smoke flower?

My son had receptive and expressive aphasia as well as apraxia and when he’s had a smoke his speech is so much better. He’s been on THC oil for coming up to a year but only been smoking flower for a few weeks and there’s absolutely a difference when he smokes. Wondering about others experiences with it?

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My husband has a TBI, and smoking seems to work better for him. He also takes CBD oil for arthritis in his neck and back, so it takes a lot of smoking to get him high. I think the main reason smoking is better is that most of the edibles and oils are THC isolate, not full spectrum. He does notice a benefit when we get homemade edibles that are made from decarboxylated flower.


Yes, when you smoke it, it turns into delta-9 thc when you eat it, it turns into 11-hydroxy which is more psychoactive, which would effect motor controls more.