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Does anyone else ever doubt themselves when they’re doing something most people do on rather or not you’re doing it right?

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Yes, early in my recovery but learned if I stayed calm and not tense up (biofeedback) it was less of an issue. Over the years I learned this was caused by stress. Stress makes it harder to process information. The resulting fear triggers Amygdala Hijack. Subject: stress and amygdala hijack

These are the core youtubes I use in my brain injury peer support groups. The Amygdala Hijack one has been the most effective in understanding how our survival instincts are triggered before and after brain injury.

Aaallll the time. I believe it helps me from easily doing things incorrectly on auto mode though, and opens doors for outside the box thinking/methods. A lot of times there really is no right or wrong, just routine and perceptions. Stay positive, every one of us is simply human and WE are doing just fine, even with some quirkiness.