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Have any of you experienced issues with your throat or voice and for a long time?

I am about 9 months into this journey. I was in speech therapy and switched drs. And they don't even want to start speech until I see an eye, ear, and throat specialist. I still get issues when drinking water and eatings things like watermelon, fruit..etc. my voice is deeper sounding and breathy. Will something need to be fixed surgically? Have any of you gone through this? Thank you in advance!

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My partner is 9 years out. Has been seeing a speech therapist for most of that time. At about the 1 year mark an ent scoped the vocal cords to discover one was paralyzed. With the help of an outstanding speech therapist and hyperbaric oxygen it is now fully functional. (hbot regenerated the nerves).

My voice was only a raspy whisper for over a year. Vocal therapy is what helped me, not speech therapy. I still have to be careful to not talk for too long or my voice will get very gravelly. I randomly have trouble swallowing. The odd thing is that I mostly have trouble with liquids.

Seeing an ENT before doing more therapy is probably to check if your vocal cords are closing/opening properly. If they aren't, then the therapy will be targeted to get your vocal cords working properly.