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Has anyone else experienced the terrible swearing?

After my injury, I started swearing profusely. It was like I had Tourette Syndrome, it was so crazy! Also, my injury has been misdiagnosed, so the disability insurance ordered an IME from a neuropsychiatrist to make a determination. After talking to me for 20 minutes, the neuropsychiatrist determined that I was faking my injury. He stated I was "malingering". Since I couldn't help myself, I swore like a truck driver throughout the short interview. His report stated that I was intelligent enough to have researched brain injury and I got this symptom wrong though. His report states that if I did truly experience this my brain injury would be considered "severe" instead of mild. I am not faking my brain injury - it's been nothing short of hell and I've lost everything I own. Who the hell wants to fake this?? So, my question is has anyone else experienced the terrible swearing? And, I've just had so many invisible symptoms and this is one that I haven't paid much attention to because it's so insignificant compared to other symptoms. Is there a name for this? And, what part of my brain was injured to make me swear?

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#1 Find another doctor. #2 My son swears a blue streak and never did before the injury. Many people have neurobehavioral issues following TBI. They could be in the form of verbal abuse (swearing), physical abuse, sexual abuse (like undressing every 5 minutes or smacking someone on the butt) There is therapy for these things.

Since my injury I’ve had issues with balance and locating myself in space. I don’t know the details but this could be part of what’s happening.