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What are some of the best balancing exercises?

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Occupational Therapist

I should start with making sure that you use the device that your physical therapist prescribed for you so don't just try to throw it out and willy-nilly and try to do some of these activities. Make sure that you use the device you're exposed to and then if you or your loved one has significant balance deficits, don't try these activities without advice and without having someone nearby. You want to make sure that you stand by assistance just to be on the safe side. 

So some things that I was thinking you could do at home or around your house that are really good are just putting things in cabinets, taking dishes out of the dishwasher, reorganizing shelves, folding laundry standing level. Doing that standing is always really good since it takes a lot of balance cooking and meal prepping. Not only will it help with balance, but also it helps with anything that requires standing for a longer duration such as doing a ball toss with kids, washing windows, putting things in drawers, or hanging up clothes in the closet.