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Has anyone successfully gotten SSDI (Social Security Disability) approved with a brain injury?

Husband got his first denial, just filed the appeal after consulting with an attorney who told us to go ahead and file on our own and cross fingers for an approval (so that we wouldn’t have to pay the attorney for filing an appeal) but expect a denial.

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Yes, my husband did get approved. It was the most frustrating be patient because it is worth it in the end. We got denied two times. The 3rd time we got a lawyer to help us. Our lawyer said it can be difficult because unfortunately some of our TBI people look normal and their disability is not always visible.


As a case manager for an insurance company my coworker was told by a SS employee that they almost always deny the first try to confirm the sincerity of the person filing. There are certain presumptive cases that get approved easily, blindness being one. Just try again and if you supply more material fro different physicians do.