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Question survivors and caregivers.. Was your reading skills affected by your injury? Did anyone have to relearn to read?

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Had to try and learn to read like i was 5 years old again...practiced with my grandbaby she's I read things over and over..then by the time i relay the message. It comes out completely different forgetting things..stuttering as i i write notes. It helps.

I also had to learn how to read again. Having spent most of my life working for the newspaper trade, that's where I started, with the morning paper but man, it was tough. I would pick a very short story and then try to make sense of it but it took almost 2 years before I could read at the 6th grade level again. Luckily I'm not a winter person so when the nasty weather came, I just holed up in my bed room with a large print book and got delightfully lost.