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Does anyone have a problem driving their car on manual?

For those that weren't allowed to drive for a period of time after your brain injuries.

So I got my license back after nearly 2 years. I have 2 cars, 1 manual and 1 automatic.

The automatic one I can drive with no problems at all but I'm really struggling getting back into driving the manual one!!

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I drove a manual before and it was the first driving I did when I was able. I suggest taking your car somewhere far from traffic and pedestrians and just practicing until it comes back.

I got taught to drive on an auto and then bought a manual car so had to teach myself. After my brain damage it was definitely easier to begin again on auto as i was struggling with the multitasking of manual and struggling remembering where I was going to. But eased back into manual and could do it fine not long after. Just give it some time.