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Do you guys struggle with staying hydrated and if so, what seems to help you?

My brain injury was only 4 months ago to the day and since the injury, I have struggled with staying hydrated or even wanting to drink anything. Before the accident, I tried to drink at least a gallon of water a day but now, I struggle with drinking anything. Today I managed to get down 2 12oz bottles of water but that was all I could do. I've tried flavoring the water, adding fruit, adding vitamin and electrolyte drips, etc, but nothing seems to help. It's like this with any type of liquid, not just water. Is this a normal thing or should I be more concerned?

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Maybe a reminder on your phone to drink water every hour would work? I have a hydration reminder on my smartwatch which I just got which helps. I could be your medications also. Either way as a former combat medic all I have to say is stay hydrated, it is vital to your cells and organs. If you don't have a cell reminder carry a bottle of water with you everywhere and make a point to take a few sips every ten minutes or so. Try to drink at least 8 ounces every hour. Even in the winter you can dehydrate.


I recommend doing a Google search for 'difficult time consuming liquids post TBI.'