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Do you have any shoe recommendations for left sided weakness due to stroke?

This is for someone who drags his foot and wears shoes that look like crocs, which may be hurting his recovery.

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Physical Therapist

Answer transcribed from Brightway's interview with physical therapist Susan Little:

Yeah, it really sounds like it might be that they need an ankle brace. One of the most difficult muscles to have returned after a stroke or any neurologic injury are the muscles referred to as our ankle dorsiflexors muscles, which pull our foot up with every step to keep our toes from dragging. There are many braces, even very low-profile braces that will give support to that ankle to keep that foot from dragging. Now, some of those braces would be compatible with the croc style. Most of them would do better with a more supportive style shoe, but I think the first place to start would be to get a prescription for an orthotic from a physiatrist or physical medicine doctor. Then, see an orthotist or a brace maker to have a custom brace fabricated. It sounds like this person's safety, their gate pattern, as well as their recovery, could be enhanced by having support at that ankle.