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Anyone else have HBOT and if so what benefits did you see and after how many dives did you see it?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) son had a very severe TBI 2.5 years ago. We are hoping to leave in a couple of weeks to take him to New Orleans for HBOT. Any adverse reactions?

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I had 40 sessions. Greatly reduced swelling in my brain. Here's before and after:

May be an image of xray


We were unable to get to New Orleans but did it in a hard chamber closer to us. LOTS of gains! Didn't start until 5.5 years out from a severe tbi. Some of the benefits: long and short term memory, nerves regenerated in a paralyzed vocal cord, balance, processing speed, speech, breathing, energy, sleep, ataxia, cognitive skills and more. We began to see gains in balance the the vocal cord right away, other things took longer. We have done over 200 dives now. We were told some are "late bloomers", so be sure to stick with the protocol. You will be in great hands with Dr Harch (I'm assuming that's where you are going)