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Is there a law that can protect people with a TBI and who are legally disabled?

A friend of mine has a TBI and I was just told by her that her apartment complex is making her pay her rent online. She is legally disabled and unable to do certain things online because it becomes overwhelming and she gets stressed out.

This is state of Texas if that helps.

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Have her check with the ADA, Americans Disability Act.

Yes, the laws are the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. The landlord must make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, unless they are physical changes to the building which are structural difficult or cause undue financial hardship. Failing to make reasonable effort to accomodate disability is defined under the Fair Housing Act as a 'Discriminatory Rental Practice' and should be reported to your appropriate local official. This link provides information about the Fair Housing Act, disability discrimination, and the complaint form.