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What are the things that insurance looks at to determine if you're making enough progress or not?

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Occupational Therapist

So in inpatient and especially for OT, it's really focused on independence with self-care-  bathing, dressing, toileting, being able to take care of yourself. For outpatients, it’s a little bit different, but it just depends on what kind of goals are set, so it might be increasing range of motion of the arm to be functionally able to reach into the cabinet or grab something to eat, so it just really depends. It depends on making sure that you know each week that they're looking at goals and making sure that they're meeting them and there's progress made towards them. So if someone's static and they're still at that same level from two or three weeks ago, we now have to talk about either changing the goals, modifying the goals, or what might be appropriate for them in this setting or moving on or maybe seeing what is next for that patient.