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WHAT should someone say to a TBI Survivor?? (I'm the mother of a TBI Survivor). Thank you!

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You seem to be getting fatigued. Is it time for a rest? What can I do to make this easier, I don't know what all you go through but let's get through this together, just know you are not alone, I am proud of what you have accomplished, you are such a fighter, maybe it's time to rest. It's OK take your time to say what you need to. I still see the real you. It's gonna be OK we will get through this.


Acknowledge that the challenges must be hard and encourage taking breaks, time to breathe and rest when needed. It can be so hard when people try to relate and say yea I feel the same way sometimes. I know it’s coming from a place of care and love but it’s frustrating because we have felt both and this is entirely different.