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Does anyone know when eligible for Medicare how u get and what it covers?

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After you have been on disability for two years. Part A is for hospital...Part B is for your Drs. and Part D is for perscriptions. There is a 'Presitge' plan that covers eys & dentist. Your premium for Part B is 99.90 a month, but sometimes you can get the state to help with that. I believe the premium is 80/20. Depending on your financial situation, you may not have the 99.90 taken out of your disability check, if thats what you're getting.

I think that once S.S sees what your total income is,you may be contacted by Medicaid to help with premium. I had to make the first payment, but then was reimbursed. When you do hit that two yr. point, that month will be an open enrollment for you, so I would then go ahead and make the initial application.