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Has anyone gone back to their neurosurgeon bc their primary care dr isn't helping?

My son has an TBI. His primary doctor feels he's doing fine. Of course he's not around him like I'm everyday but I notice things.

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Document everything and anything you think is noteworthy, even if you think it's small, and maybe not worth noting.


It took me 2 years to find a doctor that did neurological testing on my husband. Before that we went to a neurologist who was dismissive, arrogant, and lazy. He did no testing, and after 5 minutes provided us with a completely inaccurate diagnosis of my husband. He told my husband to read the newspaper and play suduko. At that point my husband couldn't even read.... but the neurologist never bothered to ask. We were supposed to have a follow-up but we never returned. The neuro ophthalmologist is the doctor who finally took him seriously and did extensive testing so we know what to work on and how to do it.