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We've been fortunate to get lots of therapy for my brother but it all ended too soon.

What limitations do insurance place around occupational therapy have and what is the best way to maximize the amount of therapy you're getting or to get additional therapy in the long run? 

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Occupational Therapist

I think the key is talking to your doctor and saying that your brother's doing some therapy and occupational therapy and being specific about what areas they need help with. 

I'm not sure what services if they were in patient or outpatient, but it really is dictated on progress so towards the goals and really insurance does look at that and if you know your brother might not be making progress or you know they might not get the allotted time needed. It is just really important to talk to the case management and to ask for additional time and then also talk to the therapist too, so we can also advocate for your loved one too. I think in general if you were to maximize your time and inpatient if they were in patient therapy, doing the exercises outside of the sessions and then also incorporating like rest breaks. I think that's really important, especially for traumatic brain injury, because a lot of times they have attention deficits like tension issues or cognitive fatigue so they need breaks so even though we want you to do therapy outside of the office, just be mindful to also incorporate breaks. If your brother was in outpatient setting, talking to therapists and the case manager in terms of how many sessions they have left and then kind of thinking about the amount of sessions. I’'m not in outpatient but sometimes they'll have you do a duration of like three times a week of outpatient for four weeks and maybe you can ask for a longer duration like only seeing the therapist one time a week for six weeks. I don't know if that's really possible but it might be worth asking. It's really talking to the therapist and the case management and then kind of just seeing what you can do to fill in those gaps when you're not at the therapy sessions on those off days.