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Would Medicaid/Medicare interfere with the good coverage my daughter has now?

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid. One of the case managers at my daughters rehab said we should look in to applying. Right now she is 24 and covered under my husband’s work plan. It is a great plan with 100% coverage after a $500 deductible. Why would we want to apply for Medicaid/Medicare? Any advice would be helpful.

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We have private insurance which covers my daughter, and she also has Medicaid. We use that as a secondary insurance and it usually covers co-pays or anything the primary doesn’t. This is new to us so we are still learning.

No it would not interfere! And chances of approval are much greater if you apply for your loved one while they are still in hospital. My husband‘s company graciously keeps our TBI disabled son on our family policy through them indefinitely. He is currently 29. Medicaid/Medicare will often pick up costs (including co-pays) when Family insurance denies. Some tests that were not covered by my husband‘s insurance were covered by Medicare. Helps with dental, vision care if your family policy does not.