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How much caffeine do you guys have to drink to feel energized?

On my work days, I drink an energy drink and a cup of coffee and I’m still struggling to stay awake. Any suggestions that may help me get through my 8 hour work day?

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I drink two cups to four when I get up. In the afternoon I drink two cups, otherwise I will be asleep. I am 61 now but when I was in my thirties I drank much more coffee. Another possibility is get a prescription for adderall.


Foods with B Vitamins! Caffeine makes it harder to get thru the exhaustion. I eat a lot of seeds, green leafy veggies, fish, eggs, beef, nuts, avocados, legumes, etc. I prefer to get mine thru organic food. B-6 & B-12 help the brain. No matter how you get them, is a good thing!!!!


Caffeine is tricky. Sometimes it helps me stay awake, sometimes it makes me dehydrated and exhausted. Staying hydrated is the difference for me between being ok, and being exhausted.

Google says I'm supposed to consume 1/2 to an ounce of water per pound of body weight, per day. The more behind I get, the more exhausted I get, the more difficult it is to catch up.