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What are you actively doing to improve your brain injury symptoms?

I’m taking a multitude of supplements, hypobaric oxygen therapy and neuro chiropractor. Anyone doing the same?

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Diet can be a big help. Weirdly I found myself eating more fruit and nuts, many of which I later discovered are good for braincells development. My body must have been telling me something.


I am following Craig hospitals brain smart program and they are the best tbi hospital in the us centers around stress reduction nutrition and cardio exercises to oxygenat the brain as well as I have a osteopath who is quite magical and has been able to help me reduce the number of medications that I was taking and meditation all the best corner stones of brain health it allows your body to put all your energy into healing and rewiring your brain by creating homeostasis by not stressing out and having gratitude for everything mistakes and all it allows you to learn and grow and now i will be able to work in a senior memory care facility something very near and dear to my heart.