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Is it common to lose balance while standing or walking in a dark room?

So since my TBI I lose my balance if I’m standing or walking in a dark room or drying my hair and the towel blocks my vision or I close my eyes when I’m standing. Is this a common?

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Yes, 10yrs post. Hoping to try Vestibular therapy after Covid. Hang in there, you learn to make sure and touch the shower wall and much more. Here's the kicker The more brain fatigue I have the less balance I have, One of my Doc's said the brain takes away from those pesky little things that it feel aren't all that import, like balance and other executive functions less important. Hang in there and you will make progress, brain progress is so slow... You are not alone! 


Yes, I have this and I was diagnosed with vestibular disorder. Your vestibular tube in your brain is responsible for your ability to balance yourself and recognize where you are in space/time. If you have balance issues after a TBI, it’s highly likely that you are experiencing vestibular disorder. This is curable with proper therapy.