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How does one go about finding safe and accurate dosage and usage of THC for their TBI?

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I have a residence in Florida and I talked to a doctor over the phone there, like a video call. I automatically qualified and was sent my card.

You go to the pharmacy (I highly recommend Suterra Pharmacy) and they pull you up in their database to see how much the doctor has written for you. With mine the doctor sent it in and there is no way I'll use as much as he prescribed in a month. You do that every 6 months. It's helped me tremendously, I don't have seizures at all anymore.

Go slow with it, 5mg at a time bump up after 2 hours if it isn't helping and continue that until you are comfortable.


I have read that THC/CBD for TBI hovers around 70/30 or 60/40 hybrid. If thc is higher then add cbd on your own to balance. Too much thc can drive us to get anxious. No brain is same so adjust accordingly! Good luck. Happy healing!